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43 Inspirational Gal Gadot Quotes on feminist

I didn’t want to do the obvious role that you see in Hollywood most of the time, which is the heartbroken girl who’s waiting to be rescued by the guy, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to do something different.



Gal Gadot is an Israeli model and actress born on April 30, 1985. She has different working domains like a trainer, fitness expert combat readiness instructor in the defense department.

Gal Gadot was only 18 years old when she participated in the Miss Israel contest. I am impressed by her confidence, Did you?

May these Gal Gadot Quotes help to make your life successful like her.

Here is famous list of Gal Gadot quotes

1.“I just keep active – everything that’s challenging me, everything that I feel like doing.”

2.“I’m a genuine person – I will never promote something I don’t believe in.”

Gal Gadot quotes
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3.“I didn’t want to do the obvious role that you see in Hollywood most of the time, which is the heartbroken girl who’s waiting to be rescued by the guy, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to do something different.”

4.“I’ve never experienced a bad situation with men being sexist with me. I’ve been very lucky – even when I was just starting and modeling in Milan and Paris.”

5.“In real life I’m the type of girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously. I’m very serious when it comes to work, but I like to make jokes and have a good laugh and make fun of myself.”

6.“I wish we had more female writers. Most of the female characters you see in films today are ‘the poor heartbroken girl.’ That’s why I’m so proud of the Fast movies. I feel like Giselle is an empowering woman.”

7.“I am a people person. I do love people.”

8.“I am very much in favor of women’s rights, being a woman myself, and I support intelligent, successful, independent working women.”

9.“A baby comes with such responsibility.”

10.“For me especially, I travel a lot, and with the weather change and everything, my skin gets dehydrated very fast.”

11.“I definitely have a strong sense of my Jewish and Israeli identity. I did my two-year military service; I was brought up in a very Jewish, Israeli family environment, so of course my heritage is very important to me.”

12.“There aren’t enough good roles for strong women. I wish we had more female writers. Most of the female characters you see in films today are the ‘poor heartbroken girl.”

13.“I feel that I’ve got the opportunity to set a great role model for girls to look up to a strong, active, compassionate, loving, positive woman, and I think it’s so important.”

14.“It’s cheesy, but I feel like Wonder Woman when I give birth. When you deliver, you feel like you’re a god. Like “Oh my God, I made this.”

15.“Surround yourself with positive, inspiring, & strong individuals and you will always be in a good place.”

16.“Once you become a mother, you always have a guilt trip. You always try to do the best, but you feel you can always be better.”

17.“Wonder Woman, she’s amazing. I love everything that she represents and everything that she stands for. She’s all about love and compassion and truth and justice and equality, and she’s a whole lot of woman.”

18.“The good thing about being an actress is that it’s very children-friendly. I can work for three months and then I can have six months off. And then I can work for six months and have six months off.”

19.“My height is 178 cm, which explains how I got on the high school basketball team. I was not an amazing shooter, but I ripped them on defense.”

20.“For me especially, I travel a lot, and with the weather change and everything, my skin gets dehydrated very fast.”

21.“I like the lasso of truth. There is something so beautiful about the fact that people have to tell the truth when they have the lasso around them. And it’s not too violent.”

22.“I’m a goofy girl. I like to laugh and I like to make other people laugh.”

23.“It is so important for girls and boys to have a female, strong superhero to look up to.”

24.“I always tell myself that it is very, very important for me to be a good role model for Alma, my daughter.”

25.“Be persistent and never give up.”

26.“I’m a person who loves people. It’s all about the vibe of the environment I’m working in.”

27.“By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go ‘by the book’ … it’d be problematic.”

28.“I am sure if you have kids, you want your kids to be healthy and to have a good future and to be happy. That’s something that all of us can relate to.”

29.“I try to eat healthy. But sometimes, though, I eat cheeseburgers. That’s good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out. I drink tons of water.”

30.“At the end of the day, Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She’s a warrior, and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight.”

31.“I do cardio, but I don’t like it as much. I’d rather do weights.”

32.“I represent the ‘Wonder Woman’ of the new world.”

33.“There aren’t enough good roles for strong women. I wish we had more female writers. Most of the female characters you see in films today are the ‘poor heartbroken girl.”

34.“I’m very open to all different genres because I’m a very open-minded girl.”

35.“With the daily routine of life, family and work I’m distracted all day long . Today I had a moment with myself when I was looking out the window at the beautiful clear blue sky and realized that I’m 9 months (!!!) pregnant and soon will have a new lovepup as an addition to our family.. could not be more grateful to the universe.”

36.“Wonder Woman is a fighter, better than most, but it’s what she fights for that is important. It’s her vision of a future of peace and acceptance that makes her the right ambassador for everyone.”

37.“I think women are amazing for being able to show what they feel. I admire women who do. I think it’s a mistake when women cover their emotions to look tough. I say let’s own who we are and use it as a strength.”

38.“My agent called me and said, “You have an audition for James Bond. They’re looking for the girl.” And I told him, “Listen, it’s all in English. I’m not an actress. I’m not going to go.” He thought I was kidding with him.”

39.“The people who work in the fashion industry and the people who work in the film industry have a lot in common. They’re very creative. Their eye is very aesthetic.”

40.“They said that I was too skinny and my boobs were too small… They said my head was too big and my body was like a broomstick. I can take anything. It’s just empty talk. I can understand that part of what I’m doing means being exposed. And part of being exposed is being under fire.”

41.“I danced for 12 years, and I played a lot team sports: basketball, volleyball.”

42.“I’ve been very active all my life. I was a combat instructor in the Israeli Army.”

43.“I wanted to show that women are empowered and strong, and don’t have to be saved by some male hero, but they can take care of themselves using their intelligence and their power.”

Brief Introduction – Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot was born in Rosh HaAyin in Israel, initially, she has the ambition to become a choreographer. She was an athlete in her childhood, her mother was a teacher while her father was an engineer by occupation.   Although her father’s family had been in Israel for six generations, her mother’s family came from Europe; her grandfather survived the Auschwitz concentration camp before coming to Israel.

Gadot lived a cool and extraordinary period, she got her start in the same way as others do generally. While she was in high school, Gadot started her first job working the fryer at a franchise of Burger King.

Gal Gadot Education & Career

After her school education, Gadot took admission to study law and international relations at the IDC Herzliya college for higher education. Gal Gadot initially entered in the glamour industry as fun and she participated in miss Israel contest just to experience this era of glamorous industry. She was only 18 years old at that time

And then she got the title of Miss Israel and won the contest. According to her “ I was shocked when they crowned me” after this victory, there was a long and successful career ahead in the modeling industry of 2009  she had been appeared as world level actress in fast & furious film and got a boost for her in the showbiz industry all over the world.

May of the Gal Gadot Quotes appeared when she was serving with the IDF, she was featured in a Most popular titled “Chosen Ones: Israeli Defense Forces,” which asked, “Are the women of the IDF the world’s sexiest soldiers?” The spread, coupled with her notable experience as Miss Israel, brought her to the attention of modeling agencies and casting directors.

After that, she served her mandatory 2-year commitment in the Israel Defense Forces, before heading to study law in college When she was in law college, she was asked to play the love interest of spy James bond in Quantum od solace in 2008

Moreover, after her debut role in fast & furious in 2009, she played several roles lately in sequels of fast & furious film. During the shoot of these movies, she also appeared in some other super hit plays and movies like “Date Night and night Day” and had a supportive role in Israeli feature kicking out Shoshana 2014.

Personal life – Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot got married in 2008 with a successful Israeli businessman YaronVersano. They have two beautiful daughters first in 2001 named Alma version and second in 2017 named Maya version. Galgadot is pretty much gorgeous in appearance as she is 178 cm in height and has light brown colored eyes and dark brown hair. WOW!

After the shooting Fast & Furious, she and her husband bought a hotel in Tel Aviv. Gadot was a hands-on owner, coming into the hotel to change the sheets herself. Recently she is supposed to have about 10 million USD as her net worth.

Further plans: Even as offers were pouring in for modeling and acting gigs, Gadot had some other plans. After her time in the IDF, Gadot enrolled IDC Herzliya, an Israeli college, and began studying law and international relations.

Unknown Facts About Her


There is a number of delicious foods she likes to take but one of them is Shakshuka she often opts to take.


She has also a number of fantastic and fascinating cars and bikes with her but her most favorite and attractive car is Jaguar F type, it’s a luxury car manufactured by a British company, its price ranged between $63,000 to $125,000

Favorite place

As she lives in loss ageless after becoming a super celebrity, she often opts to get back to Israel especially in telling Aviv where a restaurant on seawater is her best fascinating and favorite place. She also went there in Israel to meet her childhood friends and school friends for getting interact with her childhood reminiscences

Gal Gadot – Achievements

Being a world-class film actress and model as well she has a huge list of achievements in her credit as, wonder women 2017, batman vs superman 2016, keeping up with the john 2016, fast & Furious 6 2013 and many others

She has been living in lose angles after becoming an A-lister and world-class super heroin but at the same time she also misses her home country Israel, was she born in city path Tikva in 1985 but she grew up in a different city named Rosh HaAyin.

Awards and Nominations

There is a huge number of lists where she nominated for awards or selected for some of them. She has won international film festival awards as like Chinese American films festival in 2016 and her nomination for that award converted to her victory

Similarly, in 2017 she won the National Board of reviews award and Teen Choice awards as well these both were won by her in the same year. Lately, in the year of 2018, she had remarkable achievements by winning 6 awards in a single year as she won critics’ choice award MTV movies and TV Awards, Teen Choice Award Jupiter awards, and some others

Last Words

Even as she has climbed up the Hollywood ladder, Gadot is hard at work with a new business venture. After the shooting Fast & Furious, she and her husband bought a hotel in Tel Aviv. Impressive. Gal Gadot Quotes reflect how much hard work she did to make her life successful.