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43 Best Motivational Eric Thomas Quotes on Worth, Books, and Wife

Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.



A motivational speaker with an inspiring story and a positive energy is always a yes to the audience looking for some positivity and motivational boost.

Eric Thomas is one of the few influential people who deliver everything mentioned above. His YouTube videos are especially very popular among the young generation.

Eric Thomas Quotes are one of the best ways to give you a quick boost of motivation on an uninspired, blue day.

Here is powerful list of Eric Thomas quotes

1.“Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power”

Eric Thomas quotes
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2.“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

3.“Only those who risk going too far, can possible find out how far one can go.”

4.“If you can look up, you can get up.”

5.“Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.”

6.“I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep.”

7.“The only way to get out of mediocrity is to keep shooting for excellence.”

8.“I learned that a real friendship is not about what you can get, but what you can give. Real friendship is about making sacrifices and investing in people to help them improve their lives.”

9.“Get to the point where you get allergic to average! You don’t think average!”

10.“I use pain to push me to greatness.”

11.“Success is not for the weak and uncommitted. Sometimes it’s gonna hurt!”

12.“Everybody has a dream, but not everybody has a grind.”

13.“I’m intoxicated on success!”

14.“Desire and imagination have the potential to position a person for greatness.”

15.“Most of you won’t be successful because when you’re studying and you get tired, you quit!”

16.“God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.

17.“You will not experience all life has to offer you or begin to experience life at its fullest as long as you are satisfied with mediocrity. You have to be disgusted with your current circumstances before your circumstances can change.”

18.“I do not take constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything.”

19.“Listen to me carefully: My father wasn’t in my life, but it feels good taking care of my kids.

20.“Be stronger than your excuses. At the end of pain is success.”

21.“Everybody wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what real beasts do.”

22.“Make a commitment to your self that today, success is your only options! No matter the obstacles, no matter the sacrifice! you have decided you won’t be denied, you won’t be defeated!”

23.“Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.”

24.“Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you.”

25.“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”

26.“Stop being average. You’re not even good. You were born to be great.”

27.“Are you ready to sacrifice who you are, for what you will become.”

28.“Success, meaningful success, begins when we take ownership and actively take responsibility for our part in the shortcomings of our life.”

29.“You can get through this. You are bigger than your pain, don’t give up, don’t give in.”

30.“Work on it every day! Even when you down and out! Even when you not feeling it, still do it!”

31.“Done is better than perfect if perfect ain’t done.”

32.“We all have the ability to produce greatness in our lives.”

33.“You will never ever be successful, until you turn your pain into greatness, until you allow your pain to push you from where you are to push you to where you need to be. Stop running from your pain and embrace your pain. Your pain is going to be a part of your prize, a part of your product. I challenge you to push yourself.”

34.“The most important thing is this: To be able at any moment, to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become!”

35.“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.”

36.“I don’t care if you broke, you grew up broke… you grew up rich. You only get 24hrs!”

37.“It’s realizing that a great dream is not as good as a great memory. The dream can be had by anyone. The memory – must be made.”

38.“I think my greatest strengths are my hands. I am also good at getting separation from the defender and finding ways to get open. I am also a good route runner.”

39.“If it was easy, everybody would do it.”

40.“People talk about how great this country is – and it’s a great country – but I feel that many young people don’t believe they have access to the American dream.

41.“An eagle uses the storm to reach unimaginable heights.”

42.“The difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities.”

43.“Some of you need to give up your cell phone!”

Brief Introduction

Eric Thomas was born on September3, 1970 to Gerald Mundy and Vernessa Thomas in Chicago, Illinois but spent most of his childhood in Detroit, Michigan.

 He had plenty of arguments with his parents, dropped out of high school and lived as homeless for two years on Detroit.

While he was living on the streets, eating food out of trash cans, Eric met a preacher who inspired him to turn his life around. He eventually joined school again and graduated. He then took a job at Olive Garden. This is when he met his wife De-De Mosley at the Detroit Centre Seventh Day Adventist Church and they soon moved to Huntsville, Alabama. There, they attended the Oakwood University together and got married as students.
It took Thomas 12 years to complete a 4 year degree and he graduated in 2001. While he was there, he preached and helped the underprivileged young generation.

After this, he enrolled at the Michigan State University for his master’s degree in Educational Leadership.
In 2015, he completed his PhD in Education Administration.

His career

In 2003, Thomas took a job in the Michigan State University. He worked as an academic advisor to disadvantaged students at MSU.

Afterwards, Thomas founded a company offering education consulting, executive coaching andathletic development. He gave motivational speeches for athletes, both students and professionals.

In 2008, he started his own YouTube channel. His videos became viral and were loved by people all around the world. He now has 1 Million subscribers whereas his net worth is now $2 Million. He is also actively present on social media like Instagram and Twitter where he has hundreds and thousands of followers.

He does voice-overs on ESPN advertisements and commercials.
He also appeared on Fox News where he talked about his work.
His sermons can also be heard in songs like “Intro” and “When A Fire Starts To Burn”. 

His books

  • “The Secret to Success” (2012)
  • “Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation” (2014)
  • “Average Skill Phenomenal Will” (2016)

His personal life

Not much is known about Eric’s personal life except that he is married to Mosley and haschildren named Jalin and Jada Thomas.
Although no one knows much, he is known to be quite a family man.
He and his wife have been together for 24 years now (dating all the way back to 1991) and have a beautiful marriage. 
When it comes to giving media information, he prefers the conversation stays relevant to him and his work. He is rather reserved when it comes to talking about his personal life publically.

His troubled childhood

Eric was born to a single teenage mother and at the age of 12, found out that the man who raised him was in fact not his biological father. This news completely turned his world upside down and pushed him into a confused and frustrated state of mind. Psychologically stressed and troubled, he had a lot of problems with his friends and family, which eventually led him into making irrational decisions out of anger.
He fought with his parents and aunts, dropped out of school and left the house for two years because of his troubled state of mind.

When he realized he had a gift

Eric always found hope, motivation and positivity in the church. He would meet young, inspiring speakers and would take inspiration from them. The people at the church encouraged him to speak as well and as he began to do more and more of public speaking, he became more confident and comfortable. He soon realized that he had a talent. A gift.  He decided that he was going to use this ability of his to help others. The tone of his voice was powerful and had the capability to shake the person from the core and make him see life through Eric’s perspective.
Through this journey of helping others, he realized a lot of things for himself, like not blaming other people for his problems, taking ownership and working to make things better.

This is why almost all of Eric Thomas Quotes revolve around not giving up on life and always seeing the silver lining.

His overnight fame

During one of Thomas’ speeches at the Michigan State University, a young member of the audience decided to record a part of his speech and uploaded it on YouTube. The video went viral, crossed over 6 million views and made Thomas a star overnight. 

At Last

Thomas now visits schools, universities and playgrounds telling people how they can live their life happily, successfully and peacefully. More than anything else, he urges everyone to have the guts to work and achieve their dreams.
Eric Thomas Quotes are worth a lot more than just money now. He is not only one of the richest influential motivational speakers in the United States of America, he is also one of the most loved ones.